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The family is indebted to the work of Max Linton #826, Hobart Tasmania, for the family tree information on this website. Max, in turn, acknowledges the work of other family researchers.

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About public access, and user registration

Family tree pages are viewable by the general public without having to log in. All family tree detail for deceased persons is visible in this mode. However, family tree detail for living persons is suppressed - the general public will only see names for living persons, in the format Initials/Surname.

Family members who can demonstrate a link to the family may request a login registration to the family tree section of the website. Registered users who login will see the same information as for general public access, however they will also be able to see family tree detail information - including full names, and dates etc - for all living persons descended from their grandfather/grandmother.

For example, as a logged-in registered user I would be able to see detail and names etc for my grandfather, and all his descendants ... my parents, aunts, uncles and first cousins - living and deceased - and me. I would not be able to see detail for relatives not directly descended from my grandfather - I would have the same access to those family branches as a member of the general public.

See other notes on privacy. If you wish for total privacy - no information about you whatsoever to be available on this site - please contact me and your request will be respected.

The link to request a login registration is on the family tree main page (click the Go button at the top of this page).


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