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A word about privacy

It is an unfortunate fact that it is often not safe to share/publish too much personal information. While it is desirable to build detailed information into a family tree, genealogists tend to hold to two principal rules about publication:

  • Don't publish information other than name for those currently living, into the public arena (I have taken this one step further in the family tree pages on this site, to show only Initals/Surname for the living)
  • A '100-year rule' regarding general publication of information

Completing a family tree record of our ancestors is one thing, much of the information is already a matter of public record. But we are also conscious of completing records of current descendants, for the benefit of future generations, and it is this information that we must safeguard more carefully.

So although much information is maintained in the family tree records, only the information for deceased persons can be shared publicly on this site.

This presents a difficulty for genealogists in that people are naturally interested to provide information/corrections to the family tree about their current families, but they can't see that information might need completion/correction if the records for their generation(s) aren't published.

Family members who can demonstrate a link to the family may request a login registration that will allow them to see full family tree details for everyone directly descended from their own grandfather/grandmother. Please see the Family Tree page for more information. The login registration requires your email address. I promise I will not sell, give away, or misuse your email address or other personal information, it will only be used for necessary purposes of this website.


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