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"A Picturesque Centenary, THE MURDOCHS of Craigow"

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Item: Booklet
Title: A Picturesque Centenary, THE MURDOCHS of Craigow
Held: John Murdoch #870, Atlanta GA, USA

This is a slim hard-cover bound booklet with 11 pages of narrative and photos, describing the Centenary of Murdoch's in Tasmania, and the Centennial family reunion held at Craigow in Cambridge on 1st March 1922. The booklet has no credits, its author/publisher are unknown. A printing credit on page 11 reads: 22/6192 Printed at "The Mercury" Office, 95-99 Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania.

The book measures 153 x 253 mm (6 x 10 inches). The cover is navy blue, with an embossed gold title. The 13th page is a fan-fold containing two family group photos in landscape orientation. The caption at the foot of the page reads: "The Gathering Of Descendants Of Dr. James Murdoch And Friends At Craigow On 1st March, 1922."


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