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It would be great if you can help to complete the picture by providing further information or confirming the following queries. Please send responses here.

1. Does anyone have any information on the 'Castle Forbes', the vessel that carried Dr. James and his family from Scotland to Van Diemens Land? Vessel description, where/when built and by who, sailing dates, manifest, passenger list, captain's log, other voyages etc.
2. Found handwritten on a newspaper clipping: "Mercury, 11  October 1934". It appears to be from the death/funeral notices section. It reads: "Miss Frances Janet Wallace Murdoch, one of the oldest inhabitants of Stirling, and a native of Tasmania, died at her home in July at the age of 94 years. She was related to the Murdoch family in Tasmania, and was a descendant of the original Murdoch to come to this State. Leaving Tasmania while young, she had resided in Stirling for 62 years before her death. Miss Murdoch traced her descent from Sir William Wallace."

Stirling West Australia? or Stirling South Australia? We don't have Frances in the family tree. If the dates are accurate, that Frances was 94 years old in 1934 - this would put her birth in Tasmania during 1840, only 3rd or 4th generation (starting at 1st generation with Dr James). Does anyone know where/how/if Frances fits in our family? 

3. Can you identify these presumed family members?  They were thought to be Dr James Murdoch and his wife Grace Beveridge Murdoch, but that is highly unlikely. Read more about this mystery.

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